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Chapters 7, 11, 12 Bankruptcy

We are a debt relief firm helping people for 20 years file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code. At Steven Trolard & Associates, PLC, Steven specializes in protecting your rights including "lien stripping" unsecured second and third mortgages. He believes that banks should never receive TARP money, and that because of the way the banks treat their customers, they are the ones who should be going out of business.

Lien stripping

"Lien stripping" is when the house is worth less than the loans you take out to pay for it. If the second and/or third mortgages are wholly unsecured, they may be removed, or "stripped," by using a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. According to Steven, "The way banks treat people, they deserve to have their liens stripped."

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Previous Wins

By using a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Steven was able to strip a large part of a million-dollar mortgage package from a farm in Santa Paula. When the bank refused to work with Steven to reduce the payments, he warned the bank that he would be "lien stripping." He then proceeded to lien strip over one-third of the mortgages, and since then has built a successful track record in Chapter 13 with lien stripping.

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