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Personal Injury in Thousand Oaks, California

At Steven Trolard & Associates, plc in Thousand Oaks, California, we are a compassionate personal injury firm, and our bilingual staff will passionately advocate for your rights. The following are some examples of cases that Attorney Trolard has handled in the past.

Mann vs. JC Penny® Life Insurance Company

Attorney Trolard's first case after passing the bar was a breach of contract case that was centered on the issue of life insurance. The decedent's body was found under water, where it had been trapped for several days, after he had fallen off of his boat and died.

The water had caused the decedent's blood alcohol level to increase, which the Life Insurance Company used as evidence that it should not be responsible for reimbursement.

Attorney Trolard successfully proved that the decedent's survivors were entitled to reimbursement since the defendants blood alcohol level was the result of natural processes and not alcohol consumption.

Scales of Justice

The William Strier Case

Mr. Strier, had received settlement money for medical care which he had placed in a special needs trust. He became suspicious that his attorney and trustee were stealing money and he hired Attorney Trolard to represent him. Soon after, Mr. Strier shot his previous attorney while he was high on Demerol® and Oxytocin.

The shooting occurred outside the Van Nuys courthouse and was seen worldwide because a camera was present. After the shooting, Attorney Trolard represented Mr. Strier in several civil cases stemming from the management of the special needs trust.

Donovan v. Donovan

This was an elder abuse case that resulted in Attorney Trolard successfully recovering money that was taken from a plaintiff's business by a former employee. The case also involved the collection of insurance proceeds resulting from the death of the plaintiff's wife, which were taken by the plaintiff's niece while the plaintiff was suffering from depression

Walters v. City of Thousand Oaks

In this personal injury case, Mr. Walters, a 90 year old famous inventor of low light vision enhancers and a pedestrian was struck and killed by a car while walking to the Hyatt in Westlake Village, California. Attorney Trolard successfully recovered money for Mr. Walters surviving spouse.

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